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Re: SWBT Oklahoma ISDN tariff application

  On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Fred R. Goldstein wrote:
  > >   Actually, $11 for 40 hours is more like $.275 per hour, for 1B.
  > That's what I said!  .46*60=27.6 cents.
      Ok, now US West also sells the next 160 hours for $18, which works out
  to $.1125 per hour, or .1875 cents per minute, less than half the .46
  cents per minute.  In the Bell Atlantic area the call pack's price usage 
  in some blocks at 15 cents per hour, or .25 cents per minute.  I don't 
  think this is below their costs either.  These prices don't distinquish 
  between times of the day, either.
  >From US West I've heard about two company cost studies which put their
  usage costs at just under 10 cents and 5 cents per per hour, or .167 cents
  to .083 cents per minute. 
     I don't think residential consumers would kick over a 10 cent per hour 
  charge (at least not in the BA area), and it would keep people 
  from leaving lines nailed up for no good reason either.  But what PUC 
  will have the guts to tell the RBOCs that usage fees should be closer to 
  their costs?  This 1 to 4 cents per minute stuff is a killer... and 
  really, the charges per B give people so poor incentives, if we want to 
  see higher bandwidth applications actually developed.
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