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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  At 08:42 PM 4/29/96 -0400, James Love wrote:
  >On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Robert Berger wrote:
  >> [Note: In the past I had gotten mixed messages if the cross point switch is
  >> truely not a scarce resource.
  >   I don't follow all this cross point stuff.  Is this about the use of 
  >the lines to connect offices to each other?  Are these "nailed up"?
  >   Of course, people can make telephone calls on Centrex lines, during
  >peak hours.  That seems to constitute use of shared resources too.
  Cross point is the actual electrical connection from where the incoming
  circut is connected to the outgoing circut internally within the C.O.
  switch.  In the DMS family it is call the "NETWORK". Keep in mind that this
  is only my opinion and I may be told otherwise around this mailing list.
  Renard (Marty) Martin
  Herndon, Virginia 22070