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Re: Smoking gun in CA

  On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Robert Berger wrote:
  > Thesections in your statements to the Virgina PUC are good ones to help
  > force the phone co. to look at ISDN in a more constructive light.
  > If you need any experts to help support that let me know.
    Robert, thanks very much.  I was just told that Microsoft has given a
  specific proposal for bandwidth management to the Washington State
  Commission... and I'm trying to get a few details about that...  In
  california, PacBell has about 15 million lines, of which about 5,000 are
  under the residential ISDN tariff, and of those, apparently about 75
  percent are used less than 40 hours per month...(This info via the
  grapevine, I haven't seen any documents).  So it's hard to understand
  where all the congestion is comming from in California, or if this is a
  smokescreen for something else...  As you know, the business tariff is
  metered 24 per day in California right now, and the residential tariff is
  metered during the peak hours.
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