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Massachusetts ISDN users

  I am having very bad experiences with Nynex over my ISDN line.
  When I requested my ISDN line, back in early february, and they finally 
  got around to taking my order, they asked my if I wanted two voice 
  channels. I hadn't heard this was possible, but it seemed like a good 
  idea: maybe there was a way to bond them together and do 112K. But no ISP 
  supported this yet, but I said sure. Cool.
  Two months later, I finally get my ISDN line. I get my ISDN TA (Bitsurfr 
  Pro) and I am merrily on my way down the information superhighway, at 
  56K, just waiting for my ISP to offer me dual-channel. Yippee.
  Then I get the bill. They've given me 1 Data, 1 Voice channel. That is 
  bad news. But what's even worse is, the entire time I thought I was using 
  the voice channel, I was using the data channel. The voice channel is 
  flat rate, the data channel is measured rate. So you can imagine what 
  kind of bill I received. Over $700 of usage charges for less than a 
  month. I call up Nynex's ISDN people and infrom them of their mistake. 
  First, they claim that such a 2-voice channel configuration doesn't 
  exist. Then, they claim that it's a special assembly, which will cost me 
  $50 more for install and an additional $5/mo. That's no big deal. But 
  they were not offering to adjust the measured rate charges, but the 
  service representative would check with her boss and get back to me. I 
  wait and wait, leave many messages at Nynex DSG (ISDN people), finally 
  get frustrated and call up the regular business office. They say I can't get
  this 2-voice channel line. So I am up a tree. I can't afford this phone 
  bill. I won't pay it, they'll have to shut me off. But I'll appeal it to 
  the DPU before I let that happen.
  Has anyone else had such problems? How did you resolve them? Does anyone 
  on this list have such a 2-voice configuration? How did you get it?
  I hope Bell Atlantic will fix Nynex, because I have just about had it. 
  I'd just blow off the bill, but it's in my girlfriend's name for security 
  purposes and I don't want to leave her with the bill. 
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