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Re: CPT- VA ISDN proceeding

  At 07:04 PM 4/22/96 -0400, James Love wrote:
  >                  COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA   
  >                                   )
  >    Versus                         )  Case No.  PUC950078 
  >                                   )
  >Ex Parte, in re:                   )
  >Investigation of the Pricing of    )
  >Residential Integrated Services    )
  >Digital Network Offered by         )
  >Bell Atlantic-Virginia, Inc.       )
  Good stuff Jamie,
  Perhaps someone can come up with a standard form letter that we could all
  send to the commission expressing our concerns over BA ISDN pricing. This
  would make it much easier to get the word out to the commission.  Does the
  commission in VA have a web page where we could leave our comments.  That
  would be much easier than writing a letter to express our concerns.  If we
  could simplify the delivery I think we can get more support behind your efforts.
  I for one do appreciate the efforts that you and your organization is
  putting forth in getting these rates down. $249 dollars a month for a
  consumer is insulting to me and down right unjustified.  Hell cable TV
  provides a hell of a lot more information than a ISDN line for approximately
  $35 to $60 dollars a month and that's without internet access.  A ISDN line
  itself provides no information at all so why does it cost so much more?
  Renard (Marty) Martin
  Herndon, Virginia 22070