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[Fwd: Re: BRI Switched Circuit & FR Packet costs]

  Jim Armstrong wrote:
  > ....there must be a local loop or access method of some sort, whether
  > leased or dial-up.....
  You make true comments - in the present context.  However, there are viable technologies
  such as DDOV; or a more useful implementation of the ISDN TDM approach; or
  whatever eventually happens with ADSL, which can provide (at cost comparable to
  current ISDN TAs and associated equipment), digital bandwidth to the CO
  (up to several megabits/sec with ADSL), while also providing voice service ala
  ISDN (if desired).  Using such an implementation, the local loop becomes 
  "virtual" in nature.  The most significant cost to the LEC, the last mile, 
  disappears from the cost equation (since it would presumably be the same copper
  you would have for voice service anyhow).  Then it's only a question of
  terminating equipment/maintenance and FR carrier costs. ??  What do ya think?