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Re: BA's rate change

  At 01:01 AM 4/17/96 -0400, Renard Martin wrote:
  >Thank's for the info, it will interesting to see what they come out with.
  >Hell I wouldn't mind a flat rate of $60-70 a month as long as it was a true
  >flat rate on both B channels including voice calls.  BA invited me to a
  >focus group next Tuesday so I wonder if price will even come up? I'll take
  >this info incase it does.  Maybe will will know more tommorow.
  You lucky duck.  Wouldn't it be fun to "focus" at these bozos!
  Price is the *key* issue for ISDN.  They simply don't understand this.
  They don't realize that properly priced and properly serviced, ISDN could
  be their "secret weapon" against cable modems, CLECs, etc.  Instead they
  are absolutely obsessed with their 1985 vision of ISDN as saviour of
  God Centrex, and their 1975 vision of migrating all ratepayers (note
  they don't have any customers, just ratepayers)  to measured service.
  They do the former by making ISDN available to Centrex first and by
  encouraging Centrex-group treatment of ISDN users, to get unmetered
  intercom calling.  They do the latter by pricing other ISDN at measured
  rates, hoping that ISDN's just so f**king wonderful that people will
  rush to abandon flat-rate POTS (gee, that carries data at 1200 right?)
  for timed ISDN.
  Instead they obsess with Centrex phone-set features that are meaningless
  to almost everyone else.  They probably think D-channel packet is fast
  enough for most datacomm.
  Bash the hell out of them.  But don't think of it as being nasty.  Think
  of it as discipline, for their own good!
  Fred R. Goldstein      fgoldstein@bbn.com  
  BBN Corp.              Cambridge MA  USA    +1 617 873 3850