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Re: PC Week article

  Scott Kelly wrote:
  > There is a front page story in the current issue (March 18) of PC Week on Bell
  > Atlantic and GTE leading ISDN price cuts.  What is going on here?  After all
  > the information on Bell Atlantic trying to raise rates that has been posted on
  > this list.  Ideas, anyone?
  And in a related story.....
    "ISDN is faster, clearer, better... and now CHEAPER with Bell Atlantic InfoSpeed.
     Until May 1st, we'll pay you $150 for simply choosing our convenient packaged solution!"
  >From a flyer I received from Bell Atlantic via snail mail yesterday.  It goes on to explain
  that this credit is against the $450 - $625 equipment, installation and wiring charges for
  their packaged ISDN.  Too bad they don't explain the ongoing charges in this flyer.....
  Bob Monaco