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Arizona ISDN

  Here are the details on the Arizona tariff, from Jim Fisher.
  People can file comments on the proposed tariffs, which are pretty high, 
  by sending comment to Jim, at the address given below. jamie
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  Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 16:08:03 -0700
  From: James E. Fisher <JEF@CC.STATE.AZ.US>
  To: love@essential.org
  Subject: Arizona ISDN
  Arizona currently has a BRI ISDN rate of $69 with 200 hours of usage.
  US West filed, then withdrew a tariff revision to place BRI rates in
  a three tiered menu of:
  a $39 w/ measured usage of $0.02, $0.04, and $0.07 for mileage of 0,
  0-25, and 25 plus respectively.
  a $69 rate was reduced to $68 with 200 hours included
  and a flat rate of $189 was also proposed.
  All usage after the 200 hour level was to be priced at the 2/4/7 cent
  US West has no ISDN tariff in New Mexico, they have however signed a
  Memorandum of Understanding with the PSC staff that is to be
  considered by the NMPSC in April. The MOU calls for $39 with measured
  use at $0.03 per minute, $50 with 40 hours of use and a flat rate of