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News from GTE here in Texas on ISDN

  F Y I from here in Dallas...
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  Subject: GTE's new ISDN tariff
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    Late last week I received a mailing from GTE "discussing" GTE's
  revised ISDN tariff.  This article summarizes my understang of the
  rather crude document.
    1. GTE will allow ISDN customers with service under the current tariff
  to remain ("be grandfathered") under that tariff.
    2. The old tariff always established the lines as part of a
  "Centranet" offering, but the new tariff offers a single line rate.
    3. The new tariff eliminates the monthly per mile charge, wrapping
  several monthly components of the bill into a single "Access" charge of
  between $40.50 (single line) and $85.87 (Centranet Extended Metro
  service) per month.
    4. The new tariff distinguishes between residential and business
  lines, where the old tariff did not.
    5. The new tariff continues GTE's $0.03/minute charge for Circuit
  Switched Data calls except for a single $40/month option available only
  to residential customers.  Single line business customers can purchase
  50 and 100 hour blocks of time at a discount, but (apparently) pay the
  $0.03/minute for minutes in excess of the prepaid block.  The discounts
  are not available to Centranet customers.
    6. GTE no longer offers lines with only Circuit Switched Data.  All
  CSD offerings also include voice capabilities.
    As nearly as I can tell (which is pretty poor), charges for my current
  lines (2 lines at $42/month and 1 line at $38/month) will rise to about
    ISP's will need to continue offering call backs to GTE customers,
  since GTE retained the per minute charge for data calls!  I know some
  ISP's intended to drop this offering once GTE filed the new tariff.
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