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what are the low isdn tariffs?

  It is helpful to have a better idea of what the lower isdn tariffs are now.
  It seems to me that you have:
  Northern Arkansas Telephone Company
     $17.90 flat rate residential  (but outside the 436 
     exchange there is a 1 1/2 cents per minute usage fee to call
     the 436 exchange)
  Tennessee (SBC)  $27.50, flat rate  (teleco's say it doesn't count
           due to "deal" on rate overcharges)
  Wisconsin (Ameritech), $30.90 monthly fee, 
        plus $.065  per CALL (not per minute).
  Illinois, (Ameritech)'s $34.50 per month, (usage rates, if any,
        based upon standard local telephone usage charges).
  It seems as though Texas has some low rates too, but I can't seem to find 
     Any suggestions on what other low end data points would be?
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