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Re: Re[2]: FW: Cable Modems and Choosing an ISP

  On Wed, 14 Feb 1996 rcsmallcomb@ccgate.hac.com wrote:
  > I would guess that the ISP's would hold the line at the telco model in which 
  > the telcos never got a piece of the action, either in ISP connect time charges 
  > or % of goods and services. If (when) the cable cos get into the telephony biz, 
  > will a court case declare them common carriers, with all the equal access 
  > baggage that entails?
      Teleco's were regulated as common carriers.  Cable companies are 
  not.  Teleco's can now set up non-common carrier cable companies, and 
  cable companies can now offer telephone service.  Question is, will the 
  cable modem to the internet be considered a common carrier service?  I 
  don't think so, but I hope I'm wrong.  jamie
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