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RE: FW: FW: Cable Modems and Choosing an ISP

  Remember though, If a company charges too much for a service, the service will not sale.  We still have a number of ways to get connectivity to the home.  The cable companies are NOT the only game in town.
  For the reason on competitive business, pricing will not suffer as it would if only cable companies delivered.
  I work for a large ISP and we sell massive bandwidth to a number of ISPs.  They pay through the nose for the service and if they do not know what they are doing (on the Internet) they loose their shirts.  I feel that the cable companies will either be a common carrier only or become a large ISP.  Considering that carrier is their core business, why would they front the cost to become an ISP as well?  They should only carry the IP to the client.
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  On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Matthew L. Mandalek wrote:
  > Well, I would think that they should be charged as though they are
  >purchasing massive bandwidth for resale. 
     The problem is, the cable companies can charge whatever they want, 
  decriminate between firms, and even refuse to provide a connection.  
  They are not regulated as common carriers.  jamie
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