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CATV - topology

  Justin <sparc@inetnebr.com> wrote:
  >The way I understand most cable systems is that there are
  >many amplifiers (in theory unidirectional), splitters, and other things in
  >the way of a signal going uphill to the cable company.  Wouldn't this
  >require modifications to the entire cable infrastructure?
  Yes, it did!
  What you describe is what I understand as "old" plant.  Rebuilt is
  bi-directional and head-end/hub distributed rather than using
  head-end/branched/repeated.  I believe almost all municipalities that
  contract CATV insist on it and I have heard that most plant built (or
  rebuilt) since the early 80's is bi-d.
  BTW where is it written there is a set bandwidth available for data... I
  hear everything from 2 channels to 30 MHZ....
  I think saying that is silly.  Another case of wont-dont implying cant.
  Though, in the past, I have brought the subject up...I think this is getting
  a little removed from the issue of cold-feet telco's.
  Jim Armstrong
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