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Re: Cable Modems and ISDN???

  >Cable modems are a fraud. 
  As Al says;  "I don't think so, Bill!"
  >See "Media Slumlords" at
  >The most amazing thing is to see these same issues discussed over and over
  >and over again.  I guess the net has no institutional memory.
  Yeah, yeah. Noise, shacks, weather... ho-hum.
  More "facts" that confuse wont and dont with can't!
   - Incremental revenue is ONEHELLUVA incentive!  Except, apparently, to your
  friendly telco.
  I saw 2-way data work installed on an urban-suburban wiring plant in
  Tennessee in '86.
  Not exactly your rebuilt system - and it WAS noisy. but it worked.
  I never saw BRI demo'd then; and I have to class that noise caveat in with
  the same type studies performed on the NYTel Manhattan wiring plant.... 80%
  ISDN unusable. As of '84.
  'Course I'd take BRI now and hold off on catv for an extra year!  Or maybe
  you can set me up with a 2-way 64kb wireless datalink from my house! ;-)