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cost of residential ISDN

  The <http://www.xmission.com/isdncomp.html> comparision appears to be
  accurate for Ameritech/Wisconsin.  I just checked with them, and the
  rates are indeed $113.05 installation, plus $30.90 per month flat
  rate, plus $5/month local access fee, plus $.06/call (same as analog
  voice service) for 2B+0D residential ISDN.  An ISDN line is priced at
  roughly twice the rate of a voice line, which is plausible.
  The (proposed?) Bell Atlantic rate James Love analyzed at $1176/month
  for 24 hour a day nailed up service is totally outrageous.  I've got a
  5 mile T1 line at work which costs $567/month full time, and that's
  probably an excessive rate.  Figuring a pair of ISDN B channels as 
  1/12 of a T1 line, anything over $47/month for flat rate unlimited
  service is monopoly profiteering.  Ameritech is "off the hook", at
  least so far :-)
  -- James Leinweber
  State Laboratory of Hygiene/University of Wisconsin   Madison WI, USA
  <jiml@slh.wisc.edu>       fullfeed!stovall!jiml        +1 608 262 0736