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Re: ISDN current events (fwd)

  a few persons thought I made a mistake here, and that I meant a single 
  "B" channel, but I did mean the D channel  (the 16k data channel), even 
  though my grammar left a little to be desired.  That is, I was told that 
  a residential ISDN connection, being used for data, can dynamically close 
  or open the B channels depending upon whether or not data is being 
  transfered, while keeping the D channel open (or something to this effect).
  ....   if true, this would pretty much eliminate the need for the usage 
  based charges....., it would seem to me. jamie
  >Computer industry gearing up on ISDN issues.  May argue that computers 
  >can make ISDN work so that even if a connnection is open, only a single 
  >"D" channel will be used, unless data transfers are taking place, 
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