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Re: question

  Hello, Byron,
        If dieldrin is no longer produced, then I stand corrected; I guess my
  sources are outdated. The growers have undoubtedly changed to some equally
  nasty organochlorine pesticide that IBT tested OK. (You might recall that
  IBT - Industrial Bio-Test - was the lab that faked the results of its
  pesticide testing and went under when the deception was discovered. Most of
  the pesticides in use today were registered based on IBT testing. The
  manufacturers of the chemicals have been asked to do their own tests and
  provide the results to the EPA. Doesn't that give you a lot of confidence in
  pesticide safety?)
        Cafe Altura is grown without any pesticides. It is grown organically,
  according to California Organic standards. If you belong to one of the big
  food cooperatives, you can order some yourself.
        Check out the latest edition of Consumer Reports; they have a report
  on organic foods, which they recommend to reduce exposure to nasty
  Have a good day
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  From: Byron Bodo <bodo@interlog.com>
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  Date: Thursday, December 25, 1997 1:32 AM
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  >At 07:26 PM 24/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >>Hi, Dennis,
  >>      I have not seen a specific analysis of coffee, but given how it is
  >>grown and processed, it is likely to have some dioxin on it:
  >>1. Coffee growers apparently prefer to use the U.S.-banned pesticide
  >>Dieldrin (I think this is discussed in Diet For A Small Planet, but may
  >>been somewhere else...). The pesticide residue is measureable in the
  >And just where pray tell does this dieldrin come from?  The last major
  >producer, Shell, phased out aldrin/dieldrin production about the end of
  >1991 about
  >when the the last major users (India, Australia) effected bans.  Mexico was
  >endrin at one time & conceivably could crank out any of the old cyclodiene
  >insecticides if it chose.
  >>Best to drink Cafe Altura, grown organically (Mexico, I believe).
  >Grown with organic chemicals is it?