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Re: question

  At 07:26 PM 24/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >Hi, Dennis,
  >      I have not seen a specific analysis of coffee, but given how it is
  >grown and processed, it is likely to have some dioxin on it:
  >1. Coffee growers apparently prefer to use the U.S.-banned pesticide
  >Dieldrin (I think this is discussed in Diet For A Small Planet, but may have
  >been somewhere else...). The pesticide residue is measureable in the coffee.
  And just where pray tell does this dieldrin come from?  The last major
  producer, Shell, phased out aldrin/dieldrin production about the end of
  1991 about
  when the the last major users (India, Australia) effected bans.  Mexico was
  endrin at one time & conceivably could crank out any of the old cyclodiene
  insecticides if it chose.
  >Best to drink Cafe Altura, grown organically (Mexico, I believe).
  Grown with organic chemicals is it?