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Re: incineration of CU2+ salt of chlorpphenols gives less PCDD/F?

  Tony Tweedale wrote:
  > jansson & sundstrom 'Formation of PCDD During Combustion of Chlorphenol
  > Formulations' _Sci Tot Env_  1-:209-17 ('79)  (authors are/were with
  > swedish EPA)
  > have results giving the technical grade copper salt of 2,3,4,6-TeCP
  > 10-10,000 times less 2-8 CDD than the sodium salt of the same CP, across
  > 500 - 850 Deg. C combustion T's.
  > can anyone offer a reason for such a result, given that Cu is supposed to
  > be the best catlyst for PCDD formation?  the article does not describe the
  > sampling point (other than it being flue gas) on their pilot scale plant.
  > they cite ahling et al _chemosphere_ 6  ('77) p/437 & p. 461 for more
  > details.
  > --
  > fyi, table 1 shows the 4-8 CDD/F contents (this was before people were
  > grouping homolgues by 2,3,7,8 substitution or not) of the 4 CP formulations
  > tested, before combustion:
  > 2,4,6-TCP, K+:                  11 ppm dioxins           158   ppm furans
  > 2,3,4,6-TeCP, Na+:             6.4 ppm                      12.5 ppm
  > 2,3,4,6-TeCP, Cu++:           2.4 ppm                      14    ppm
  > PCP:                                   12.3 ppm                        9.6 ppm
  > --
  > on a lighter note, _Not Man Apart_ 13:3:9-10 (4/83), 'the Tragedy at Times
  > Beach', which gives some details on the path of NEPACCo's hexachlorophenate
  > manfacturing wastes sold to Russell Bliss, notes that 'Bob's Home Service'
  > (!) was Missouri's only licesnsed haz waste facility.
  > Tony Tweedale (Causality is a concept not subject to empirical
  > demonstration.   -David Hume)
   john [tickets] divilleas[sp?] said at a baird and mcguire task force
  meeting on dioxin that you get more dioxin  off the vegitables you eat
  then the smokestack. So I asked him if shipment of veggies was legal lol
   he didnt like that question at all. but he was serious hard to believe