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Slime strikes agin; men's estrogen?

  the current (Dec. 8) issue of _Time_ in the 'Health Report' blurbs mentions
  the new sperm count review and the horrifyingly rapid declines insome areas
  (1.5-3%/yr), but neglects to mention any possible causes.  please send a
  nasty remark to:          letters@time.com        concerning this and the
  glossy, slick chlorine laden paper they print this & other magazines &
  books on, and let them know its time they begin to cover this issue, or
  state any conflicts of interest.
  also, there was a very short A.P. blurb yesterday about a purpose finally
  found for the estrogen men produce, but all it said was 'prevents blockages
  in the plumbing of male reproductive systems' (paraphrased).  no cite or
  author, if I recall -- anyone know more?
  Tony Tweedale (Causality is a concept not subject to empirical
  demonstration.   -David Hume)