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Re: (Fwd) Re: Dioxin in Cattle

  Folks, let's all keep our questions and comments and substantive.  I don't
  know about you, but I find it a drag to have to call up
  then delete childish garbage such as the recent petty exchanges between
  Anita Davies.  I don't know these folks, and I have nothing against any
  of them, but I subscribe to this list to learn about dioxin and other
  nasties, not to become a passive party to petty squabbles.  If you have
  some damning information, not innuendo, about a bad actor, post it.
  Otherwise, save my time, your time, and bunch of fossil fuel, nuclear
  fuel, or whatever it is that powers your machine.  Thanks.
  Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.
  Greg Smith
  Derwood, MD
  				||	      Internet: gsmith@essential.org