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Dioxin in Cattle

  Date:          Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:38:16 -0500
  Of course I know what the questions are.  You have quite a talent at 
  turning things around on other people, don't you?  You should have 
  become a spin doctor instead.  (That's not a compliment, in case you 
  were wondering.)
  I wasn't going to honor you with a reply that absurd question to ME;  
  that's your responsibility to answer what other people ask you.  But 
  on the assumption that YOU don't know what the questions were I have 
  included the following:
  	"I'm curious, though, to know how much you 
  	earn as Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs 
  	for NCBA's Center for Public Policy. I'd also like 
  	to know which public relations firms helped craft 
  	the propaganda that you spew forth.  Finally, I'd 
  	like to know where it is that you've obtained 
  	writing of mine."
  	-Mike Ewall
  gw@beef.org Date:          Mon, 01 Dec 97 14:14:43 MST To:            
  adavies@louisberger.com Subject:       Re: Cows and Dioxin
       Do you even know what the questions were?
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  Subject: Cows and Dioxin
  Author:  adavies@louisberger.com at Internet-Gateway
  Date:    11/26/97 8:18 AM
  Mr. Weber,
  Still evading the questions, eh?
  -Anita Davies
  From:          gw@beef.org
  Date:          Tue, 25 Nov 97 17:26:38 MST 
  To:            adavies@louisberger.com 
  Subject:       Re: The Dioxin Rounds
  "the truth will always find its way to the people,"
  I am sorry you and so many others are driven by such anger as 
  evidenced by your confrontational approach and choice of words.
  Thank goodness we live in a democracy where we each have an 
  opportunity to voice our opinions.
  I chose to be do so with a degree of respect for my fellow citizens.