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Re: Recycling vs. Incineration

  Hello, Amjad
        I have not done a review of open trash burning of MSW. If there is PVC
  or other organochlorines, you will indeed get dioxin, but it's anyone's
  guess how much, depending on the kind of chemicals or household items are in
  the trash.
     Incinerators without scrubbers here in the U.S. often produce 10-100
  micrograms dioxin TEQ for each ton of MSW incinerated. There was one, in
  Columbus, Ohio, that was producing about 1000 grams TEQ per year, but they
  think that was due to a hot precipitator. It was closed. Mercury levels from
  our local incinerator are about 1.5 grams mercury per ton of MSW, and about
  .6 grams of lead per ton. It has no scrubber. Again, your pollutants will
  vary depending on the trash being burned.
  I hope this helps...
  Jon Campbell