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Re: Dioxin eating fungus

  A microbiologist I know says that the normal rate of degradation of dioxin
  by bacteria is more like 15% - that these rates are unheard of.
  Investigation proceeds. 
  At 02:47 PM 26/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >aside from the mentioned possibility it is being swallowed but not
  >metabolized by the fungus, it seems likely to me that white &/or brown rot
  >fungi are involved, as these are famous for their ability to enzymatically
  >(i assume) degrade many persistent, refractory organics, including
  >organochlorines.  into what--i.e., partial (therefore possibly toxic) or
  >complete (mineralization), i do not know without going into my files.
  >Tony Tweedale (Causality is a concept not subject to empirical
  >demonstration.   -David Hume)
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