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Re: Dioxin eating fungus

  I was just wondering about this fungus.  Without knowing anything except 
  what the short message explained, I wonder if the fungus is not "eating" 
  the dioxin, but merely absorbing it.  Did the "dioxin eating fungus" 
  article or study sample the fungus to see the level of dioxins within its 
  tissue?  I remember a very confusing chemistry experiment where a candle 
  is left burning uncovered on a scale.  The candle appears to loose weight 
  as it burns.  However, if the candle is covered to that both the candle 
  and its emissions are weighed the scale remains in balance and no weight 
  it lost.  The big question about any study is: are we looking at an open 
  or a closed system.  If the system is open an item being studied may 
  appear to change (loose weight, become less toxic, take up less volume).  
  However, in an open system the observation of changes may instead be 
  merely a transference (of weight, toxicity, or volume) to another part of 
  the system which is outside the scope of study.
  With Respect, in Gentleness and Peace.
  John Thomas