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Re: lengthy reply to Bill Carroll on toys

  cc: C. Cray
  Bill said:
  >>"1)  What are toys?  Well, wires are not toys.  Raincoats are not
  >>toys.  Toys R Us also sells candy, and batteries which are not toys.
  >>I think we, as parents, have some sense of what might reasonably be
  >>repeatedly sucked, which is the issue."
  Charlie replied:
  >Bill:  Look at our two reports - the one on lead and cadmium is called
  >"Lead and Cadmium in Vinyl Children's Products."  Toys are not
  >mentioned in the title, though some toys - like Kentucky Fried
  >Chicken's play food - obviously designed with the expectation that
  >kids will stick them in their mouths - are among the list of  products
  >we tested.
  I disagree with the conclusion of Greenpeace, e.g. that because lead and
  cadmium are found in vinyl/plastic toys that vinyl/plastic should be removed
  from human use.  The source of lead and cadmium is a problem based on
  certain manufacturing types and dyes and not reflective of the industry as a
  However, I do agree that some of the toys that are currently contaminated
  will definitely find there way into the mouth of kids (and some adults
  playing with their kids).  I think it more important to point out that many
  children have parents that will not pay attention to what goes in kid's
  mouths, could care less what goes in their mouths, what they roll around in,
  etc.  It is in our society's best interests to find the specific threats
  with regards to lead and cadmium contamination and limit their impacts.  We
  do have enough evidence on the table to suggest a testing program for
  plastic/vinyls to trace where the problems come from and eliminate their
  sources.  I am betting the predominant impacts (though not limited to) will
  be from Pacific rim manufactures and a little hog tying at customs will
  straighten out their process lines real quick for the quilty products.
  While it is not the measure Greenpeace is asking for, it is a very good
  intermediate step that maybe ALL parties can agree on and ask the
  administration and congress to implement ASAP.  And route around the CPSC on
  this one - they do seem to have some odd agenda in stalling on some of these
  issues regarding vinyl products.   Not that Greenpeace is any better - still
  have several questions regarding this and other issues that have never been
  answered with any clarity.  But Greenpeace brought out some good information
  that needs to be acted on in some fashion.
  Sam McClintock