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Re: Vinyl chloride odor

  It is the smell of phthalates, the plasticisers used to make PVC
  pliable and soft.  Other plastics may also use softeners which can
  also smell, but PVC uses 90% of all phthalates.  Some phthalates are
  known to be toxic and probable carcinogens such as DEHP, others have
  been identified as weakly estrogenic.  For more info on phthalates 
  see Charlie Cray's long response to Dr Bill.
  Hope this helps
  On 17 Nov 97 at 9:30, Jackie Hunt Christensen wrote:
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  Unless I've missed it -- there have been a number of "volleys" back and
  forth on this topic -- you havent' told us what that "plastic" smell IS, if
  it's not VCM. Presumably it's some component of the PVC. Inquiring minds
  want to know!
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