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TCF workshop @ eco expo in d.c.??

  attn wash. d.c. area residents:
  over a year ago i received a mass mailing from a conference organizer
  stating there was to be a totally chlorine free workshop (tcf) at this
  week's (tue-thu, 18-20 nov.) eco expo's "ntl. marketplace for environmental
  [something]" conference (very commercial) at washington dc's convention
  center.  however a call yesterday to the organizer could find no such
  workshop scheduled, that the guy who answered could find.  maybe it was
  cancelled or rescheduled for the next eco expo.
  if any of you are going anyway, or could conveniantly stop by, you might
  enquire more closely at the registration area.  sorry i don't know exactly
  what mailing i originally saw this, the the phone # i copied down at the
  time (800-224-3976, probably for outside the calling area) is the # of the
  eco expo organizers.
  if it exists and you happen to attend, pls. let the list know.  thx,
  Tony Tweedale (Causality is a concept not subject to empirical
  demonstration.   -David Hume)