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Computer virus WARNING

  Please, NO DEBATE this time - either action this warning or ignore it.
  Personally I would recommend operating the precautionary principle!
  However, if you personally decide to ignore this warning, that's your
  choice, but please leave others to decide for themselves whether the risk to
  them is worth it.  
  "Too many 'impossible' things have already been achieved by viruses this
  year, to discount ANY possibility" - that's what my husband says, from
  extremely bitter experience, on a site which has the most uptodate virus
  protection but still gets repeatedly devastated by ever more sophisticated
  viruses (and in every case this year, they were transmitted via emails!). 
  End of lecture.  NO REPLIES PLEASE, I've other things to do.
  Viv Mountford
  >>>> >
  >>>> >  If you receive an e-mail titled "JOIN THE CREW" DO
  >>>> >  NOT open it!  It will erase EVERYTHING on your hard drive!  Send
  >>>> >  this letter out to as many people you can....this is a new virus
  >>>> >  and not many people know about it!  This message was received
  >>>> >  morning from IBM, and the Army National Guard, please share it
  >>>> >  anyone that might access the Internet.
  >>>> >
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