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Re: Parents Against PVC Toys

  An even more serious issue is the leaching of Vinyl Chloride
  monomer (VC) from PVC, especially when new. The characteristic
  "plastic" aroma of PVC when new (e.g., new cars, plastic
  window shades, shower curtains, etc.) is VC monomer. (It is
  not, as previously suggested, due to plasticizers. They are
  pretty vile, but do not have the characteristic odor of VC).
  I don't think anybody (in govt or otherwise)
  has addressed this issue before, except for
  an apparent ban or withdrawal
  (with little fanfare) of PVC
  bottles for beverages.
  When confirmed with hard data, this is a powerful argument
  for banning of all uses of PVC for children's toys, and
  perhaps for other uses as well, since VC is classed as
  a proven human carcinogen.
  In my opinion, anyone with small children should
  remove ALL PVC toys from the household (and
  recycle wisely to avoid incineration).
  PS Alex, you are correct about TCE being the main
  source of VC monomer in landfills, though according
  to the book Toxics A to Z natural
   outgassing of PVC is a significant source of VC.
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  >Are the use and loss of lead and cadmium unique to PVC products?  How about
  >the same question for phthalate plasticizers?  As a father of a two year
  >I am extremely interested in an answer to this question.