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Re: Parents Against PVC Toys

  Charlie, is the November 11, 1996 date correct?  
  Susan K. Snow
  Charlie Cray wrote:
  > Maurci Jackson, Parents Against Lead (773) 324-7824
  > Charlie Cray, Greenpeace (312) 563-6063
  > Joe Di Gangi, PhD, Greenpeace  (312) 563-6065
  > Jonathan Goldman, L.E.A.D. (773) 292-4990
  > Dangerous Additives, Including Lead and Cadmium Found in Vinyl (PVC) Toys
  > NOVEMBER 11, 1996 - CHICAGO, Illinois (GP) - Shocked
  >  about recent revelations that vinyl (PVC) toys contain toxic
  > chemicals such as lead and cadmium, a group of parents and consumer
  > activists called on retailers such as  Toys "R" Us today to demand
  > that the company stop selling vinyl (PVC) toys.
  > The groups protested at 11:00 outside the Toys "R" Us store
  >  in downtown Chicago (10 S. State St.).   The protest came after
  > reports released by Greenpeace in October revealed high levels of
  > lead and cadmium in vinyl products purchased at a number of local
  > retailers.
  > Lead is a toxic metal that  can cause brain damage and learning
  >  disabilities.  Cadmium, also a toxic metal, can cause cancer and
  > other health effects.  Both metals were found to leach out of a
  > variety of vinyl products over time.
  > "Children should be able to play with Barbie and  Tweetie
  > without being poisoned by vinyl,"  Dr. Joe  Di Gangi of Greenpeace
  > said.  "It's a shame that parents have to be vigilant when it's the
  > job of the Consumer Product  Safety Commission and retailers to
  > ensure that parents are not sold toys which can leach  toxic
  > chemicals."
  > "We want Toys "R" Us to act responsibly and stop selling
  > toys that contain toxic chemicals," said Maurci Jackson of Parents
  > Against Lead (P.A.L.)
  > Greenpeace also released the results of a second round of tests
  >  conducted by an independent lab on toys recently purchased at the
  > Toys "R" Us store in Chicago.  The toys contained levels of lead that
  > would trigger a product recall if they were painted toys.
  > The Greenpeace Report, "Lead and Cadmium in Vinyl  Children's
  >  Products," as well as comments on the report by independent experts,
  > are available at the Greenpeace website:
  > <http://www.greenpeaceusa.org/campaigns/toxics>
  >                                             --end--