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Parents Against PVC Toys

  Maurci Jackson, Parents Against Lead (773) 324-7824
  Charlie Cray, Greenpeace (312) 563-6063
  Joe Di Gangi, PhD, Greenpeace  (312) 563-6065
  Jonathan Goldman, L.E.A.D. (773) 292-4990
  Dangerous Additives, Including Lead and Cadmium Found in Vinyl (PVC) Toys
  NOVEMBER 11, 1996 - CHICAGO, Illinois (GP) - Shocked
   about recent revelations that vinyl (PVC) toys contain toxic 
  chemicals such as lead and cadmium, a group of parents and consumer 
  activists called on retailers such as  Toys "R" Us today to demand 
  that the company stop selling vinyl (PVC) toys. 
  The groups protested at 11:00 outside the Toys "R" Us store
   in downtown Chicago (10 S. State St.).   The protest came after 
  reports released by Greenpeace in October revealed high levels of 
  lead and cadmium in vinyl products purchased at a number of local 
  Lead is a toxic metal that  can cause brain damage and learning
   disabilities.  Cadmium, also a toxic metal, can cause cancer and 
  other health effects.  Both metals were found to leach out of a 
  variety of vinyl products over time.
  "Children should be able to play with Barbie and  Tweetie 
  without being poisoned by vinyl,"  Dr. Joe  Di Gangi of Greenpeace 
  said.  "It's a shame that parents have to be vigilant when it's the 
  job of the Consumer Product  Safety Commission and retailers to 
  ensure that parents are not sold toys which can leach  toxic 
  "We want Toys "R" Us to act responsibly and stop selling 
  toys that contain toxic chemicals," said Maurci Jackson of Parents 
  Against Lead (P.A.L.)  
  Greenpeace also released the results of a second round of tests
   conducted by an independent lab on toys recently purchased at the 
  Toys "R" Us store in Chicago.  The toys contained levels of lead that 
  would trigger a product recall if they were painted toys.
  The Greenpeace Report, "Lead and Cadmium in Vinyl  Children's
   Products," as well as comments on the report by independent experts, 
  are available at the Greenpeace website: