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what are calcium channel blockers?

  what are calcium channel blockers?  Are ordinary calcium supplements in this
  viv mountford
  At 11:43 17/10/97 -0400, Tony Tweedale wrote:
  >          "Calcium Channel Blockers May Raise [breast] Cancer Risk
  >          Washington Post, 16 October 97, A8.
  >               A study conducted by Annette Fitzpatrick of the University
  >               of Washington in Seattle, Janet Daling of the Fred
  >               Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and others
  >               suggests that women 65 and older who took calcium channel
  >               blockers may be twice as likely to develop breast cancer.
  >               The study appears in the Oct. 15 issue of _Cancer_ [which
  >               the OPPT Library does not receive].