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Re: Chlorofiber

  michelle, i never found out anything beyond the label on the 2nd hand
  wool-like cap i bought 1 or 2 winters ago, which said '100% chlorofibers'.
  yours is intiguing info--also i certainly appreciate your
  following-up!--perhaps the addition of (a lot of?) the electrophile
  chlorine causes such effect--anyone know, and if so, exactly how?
  >>I traced a tread and found you where asking about Chlorofiber.  I'm
  >>looking for info also.  Did you ever get any information on the material?
  >> I've come across it in a horse blanket.  The product is advertised as
  >>therapeutic, it is made of 80% chlorofiber and 20% acrylic (they're
  >>calling this knit fabric Thermatextron).  It goes on to say that
  >>Chlorofiber is 100% negatively charged thereby producing an increase in
  >>circulation which in turn should improve healing etc., etc.
  >>If you could pass on any info, I'd appreciate it.
  >>Michele Southwick
  tony tweedale