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NTP considering altering dioxin's carcinogenicity status

  The National Toxicology Program of NIEHS is re-evaluating a group of
  substances including dioxin in preparation of publishing their next Annual
  Report on Carcinogens. For dioxin, they are considering following IARC's
  lead and upgarding the status of dioxin to one that is "known to be
  carcinogenic" because there is "sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity
  from studies in humans which indicates a causal relationship between the
  agent and human cancer."
  The meeting is scheduled for Research Triangle Park on Friday, October
  31st. Industry is lining up to comment in opposition of the upgrade.
  Arnold Schecter who is on loan to NIEHS will present the arguments at the
  meeting to upgrade dioxin's status. The meeting is open for public comment
  and there is a public comment period for written submissions as well. It
  is important that NTP receive comments from the environmental community
  regarding this important proposal to upgrade dioxin's status as a
  carcinogen. Anyone who can attend the meeting or who wants more
  information should contact Larry Hart at NTP/NIEHS at 919-541-3971. He can
  send you the background document and other information and/or sign you up
  to speak. 
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