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24 October (!), Dow immunotox speaker, madison wisc

  SOT = soc. of toxicol.
  Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 13:42:00 CST
  From: Peter_Thomas@hazleton.com
  To: gerberick.gf@pg.com, immunotox@valley.rtpnc.epa.gov, rma@ahabs.wisc.edu,
  Cc: Peter_Thomas@hazleton.com
  Subject: Upcoming Midwest SOT meeting on Immunotoxicology
  Message-ID: <9709178771.AA877122278@mail.hazleton.com>
        Date:  10/14/1997  01:42 pm  (Tuesday)
        From:  Peter Thomas
          To:  Frank Gerberick, Elizabeth E Sikorski, Chester L Leach,
               Daniel Wierda, Monique Fouant, Norbert E Kaminski, Ralph
               Albrecht, Immunotox bulletin board
          CC:  TOXPETE1
     Subject:  Upcoming Midwest SOT meeting on Immunotoxicology
  Folks:  For your information, Covance (Formerly Corning-Hazleton) in
  Madison is hosting the fall meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Society
  of Toxicology on Friday, October 24.   This one half day meeting will
  feature four speakers representing the FDA, EPA, the chemical and
  biotechnology industries presenting their regulatory and testing
  perspectives on immunotoxicology.   The speakers are Dr. Sheryl
  Reilly-EPA; Dr. Ken Hastings-FDA Center for Drugs; Dr. Mike
  Holsapple-Dow Chemical and Dr. Jeanine Bussiere-Genentech, Inc.  The
  meeting is scheduled to begin after lunch at approximately 1:00 and will
  run until 4:30-5 followed by a reception.   Individuals interested in a
  tour of the facility are encouraged to come earlier (around 10).  The cost of
  the meeting is $20 members/$25 nonmembers and students are free.
  Lunch and the reception are included.   If you would like more information
  and directions please contact me at 608-245-7007 or Robert House at
  312-567-4294.    Hope to see you there.    Pete Thomas