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'Fate of Pollutants' an EPA publication

  Friends and industry-lurkers,
  Last month, the U.S.EPA announced the publication of a research product:
  Pritchard, P.H. 1986. Fate of Pollutants. EPA/600/J-86/194. J. Water
  Pollut. Control Fed. 58(6):635-645. (ERL,GB 582). 
  **Published literature on the environmental fate of pollutants published
  during 1984 are reviewed. Short excerpts are presented from each
  reference covering such areas as photolysis, biodegradation, hydrolosis,
  sorption, and volatility for pollutants including pesticides,
  hydrocarbons, heavy metals, polynuclear hydrocarbons, and other toxic
  organic chemicals. 
  USEPA, NHEERL, Gulf Ecology Division, 1 Sabine Island Drive, Gulf
  Breeze, FL 32561
  URL: http://www.epa.gov/ged/publica/C0641.HTM