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no e.d. in sdwa

  bunny snow asked me to to provide more details on the safe drinking water
  act (sdwa) post of a couple days ago; I responded I was too busy to
  elaborate on it.  now that i've read the full f.r. announcement (I only
  posted the opening), I see it's worth pointing out epa's folly:  they have
  for now decided not to include any of a short list of "hypothetical" e.d.'s
  on the list of possible chemicals to be newly regulated, i.e. have limits
  in drinking water.  justification is: waiting for results of various
  assessments.  this may or may not be ok depending on the ease with which
  epa can add chemicals to the candidate for regulation list under the '96
  ammendments, which put real limits on this process.  at least several of
  the e.d.'s listed that didn't make it to the final (for now) list are
  significantly water soluble, incr. the chance they'll get into
  water--tributyltin oxide (in pvc as a stabilizer i believe), alkyl phenols,
  tony tweedale