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New British report about 22 kinds of MSW thermolysis technologies.

  Dear list members,
  A British company called Juniper Consultancy Services Ltd. has issued a very
  comprehensive report about the 22 different kinds of MSW thermolysis units
  offered today by commercial companies. The report is called "The market for
  pyrolysis & gasification in Europe: a technology and business review". It is
  almost 200 pages long and in full colour, it includes more than 150 charts
  and tables, and is available directly from Juniper. The cost of the report
  is GBP 750, with additional copies sold at GBP 70 each. Payment by VISA is
  Don't be confused by the word "pyrolysis" in the title of the report. Today,
  there are still disputes about the way to call the process: "thermolysis" or
  "pyrolysis". This report does in fact concern mainly MSW thermolysis.
  Contact: Juniper Ltd., Sheppards Mill, Uley, Gloucestershire GL11 5SP, England.
  Tel: + 44 1453 860750. Fax: + 44 1453 860882. E-Mail: ask@juniper.co.uk
  Please be kind enough to mention to Juniper that you learned the existence
  of this report through this message fom the Belgian Thermolysis Committee.
  Sorry for cross postings if any.
  Best regards, de Broux, Belgium.
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  solid waste thermolysis vs. incineration. Site is bilingual French + English
  and is regularly updated (last October 9, '97). - edebroux@tornado.be --
  Phone and fax ..32 83 21 54 30
  Emmanuel de Broux, rue du Sacré-Coeur 7, B-5590 Leignon, Belgium