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dow to sell dowbrand

  DowBrands, dow's consumer products division, is on the market, according to
  a business blurb on 9/11/97.  don't know if it is sold, if that'll include
  the pvdc (pvc w/ an extra chlorine) manufacturing facility, or just the
  saran-wrap (tm) manufacturing plant that uses the pvdc.  actually, i don't
  even know if dow makes the pvdc basic ingredient in saran-wrap.
  anyhoo, if prospective bidders become known, that seems a good opportunity
  to hit the prospective purchaser w/ a lot of facts about plastics, chlorine
  and dioxins.  dowbrands already sells (probably makes it) another famous
  brand of food wrap, i think it may be glad wrap (tm), that isn't made w/ a
  chlorinated plastic--that's what their consumer hotline told me a couple
  years back, so alternatives to cl-based wraps are not just "viable", they
  are big sellers already on the market.  anyone know if saran-wrap has
  different properties than food wraps made from other plastics?
  such an effort could persuade the prospective purchaser not to buy, to
  lower their offer, or to pressure dow to use less chlorine; as well as
  raise public awareness if some groups get on this and issue press
  also, it'd be nice to know what other chlorine based/containing brands are
  up for sale as part of the dow brands unit.
  replies to the list.
  tony tweedale