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Re: The SEC's Dirty Secret (ENS)

  This too seems a "Dirty Secret".  The news media should be ashamed that is
  never informs citizens of the chemical injury or dioxin exposure dangers
  when a local disaster occurs.
                             The Environment
  *** Chemical fire forces evacuation in southern Virginia
  A fire in a warehouse containing plastic moldings in southwestern
  Virginia sent up a cloud of toxic smoke Wednesday and forced the
  evacuation of 2,000 people, officials said. A Virginia State Police
  spokesman said there were no serious injuries, but several people were
  treated for smoke inhalation at local hospitals. The fire forced the
  evacuation of about 2,000 people from their homes in Atkins, a small
  town 100 miles southwest of Roanoke. "Most of the people have gone to
  stay with relatives that live in the area, and we have a shelter set
  up," the spokesman said. For the full text story, see