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Re: GP sampling

  Sam--I have yet to read your entire message.  I will.  I have to 
  respond, though, immediately to the assumption that anyone put 
  themselves or plant personnel in jeopardy.  We're just not that 
  stupid or naive about the nature of petrochemical facilities.  
  Perhaps you should talk to senior management at many petrochemical 
  companies about personnel cutbacks (esp. of trained, union personnel) 
  and automation, which have caused, I gather from talking to plant 
  operators and union reps, far more deaths due to accidents than 
  direct dioxin sampling of waste byproducts ever has and likely ever 
  will.  In fact, I'd think that it's a healthy thing for the planet as 
  well as workers in the petrochemical industry to expose those 
  products/processes which put them (and the plants' neighbors) in 
  danger of high levels of dioxin exposure.  Do you  agree?
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