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A bit of history, for those new to the anti-dioxin movement

      I just found Barry Commoner's keynote speech to the
  2nd Citizens's Conference on Dioxin. It is located in
  an archive
  of the publication Waste Not, #298:
  Its points are pretty clear: The main one is that
  chlorine MUST
  BE ELIMINATED from chemical and plastic production. And
  are not just his conclusions: they are the conclusions
  of the International
  Joint Commission.
  Oh, yes, there's a bit of good news that I forgot to
  report: after
  a 6-year battle, a BFI-owned incinerator in Bronx, N.Y.
  was closed
  by order of the Governor of New York. One of the
  bits of scientific fallout from this struggle is a
  possible linkage
  between dioxin-laden particulates and the pandemic of
  in the U.S. (and possibly elsewhere, I haven't seen the
  from Europe). The operation of this relatively small
  waste incinerator - which NEVER had a stack test - was
  by a DOUBLING of asthma visits to hospitals and clinics
  and asthma
  The possibility that dioxin may be at work in the
  asthma pandemic
  is interesting as well because we know that diesel
  have dioxin molecules clinging to them because
  solvents are used in the oil refining process for
  diesel fuel.
  More research is needed here, but I have a feeling it
  will just add
  to the wealth of information we have about how
  horrendous dioxin is...