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Belgium drops MSW incinerator project

  The Flanders Region, a part of Belgium which surrounds Brussels, shall not
  build a 225,000 t/y MSW incinerator at Drogenbos, a village upwind of and
  close to the Belgian capital city. Minister Kelchtermans says he'll drop the
  project if Brussels clean the Senne river which crosses the city and which
  deserves it.
  Opposition to the incinerator project had been very strong in Brussels and
  in the suburbs.
  MSW produced in the Flanders Region will be incinerated in an existing
  facility, waste sorting, reduction and recycling having significantly
  decreased the MSW quantity to be "treated".
  The Walloon Region (the Southern half of Belgium) also wants, since years,
  to build a new MSW incinerator 3 km upwind of the small city of Ciney. But
  the Drogenbos issue is considered a precedent which cannot be ignored, claim
  the opponents to the Walloon project.
  Best regards, Manu.
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