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Re: dioxin producers

  At 10:43 PM 8/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
  >Could someone tell me if the Midlothian Texas cement kiln has been or is
  >going to be shut down?  I had news that it was and would like verification.
  I doubt very much that this could be true.   TXI recently has been in 
  public and contested hearings on its permit application for the 
  burning of hazardous waste.   They are very tough and persistent.
  The proposed permit is being challenged by citizen groups in Midlothian
  and the Lonestar Chapter of the Sierra Club in contested hearings
  before the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission.   Neil
  Carman  of the Lonestar Chapter would have more details.
  The proposed RCRA permit to continue burning hazwaste at the TXI
  plant is real piece work by TNRCC.   If you would like some extensive
  comments on this proposed permit, please let me know and I will
  send you a copy of some comments that are on the public record.
  One piece of good news...  In the last 3 months River Cement of 
  Festus MO stopped burning hazardous waste.   Analytic work 
  submitted to U.S. EPA as part of the Report to Congress on
  the regulation of cement kiln dust showed that the PCDD/F content
  of River Cement CKD was about 15 times higher than any other
  sample collected in the United States.
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