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Re: Does dioxin degrade in the environment??

  Hello again, Alex (sorry about the name mixup...)
  Yes, dioxin does degrade in soil, IN THE TOP 1/8"
  (ONE EIGHTH INCH)!!! Ultraviolet radiation from the
  sun degrades it. More than 1/8" down, it appears not
  to degrade (Freeman, 1987)
   or to move except during flooding or heavy
  rains, when it moves with the silt or other soil to
  which it is bound (Times Beach disaster,
  December 5, 1982).  It appears to collect at soil
  "interfaces" - the places where soil types change.
  It appears to have a VERY, VERY long lifespan
  where it is undisturbed, perhaps hundreds or
  thousands of years. As far as I can tell, nobody
  knows (or if they do, they aren't speaking up).
  All I have heard so far is from the CCC, which
  often that dioxin degrades in sunlight (yeah, so