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Re: GP sampling

  To compare GP "stealing" samples of streams of waste which are going into
  the public water and air, with industrial espionage for private profit, is
  pure sophistry. 
  Unless, of course, the industry concerned had invited the public or public
  interest groups to come do the unannounced inspections and sampling which
  government no longer bothers to do. But I have never yet heard of such an
  We are in a situation where industry monitors itself and tells the rest of
  us how much pollution it is emitting into our air and water. When anyone
  questions this, men "of honour" get insulted. Except of course for those
  emitting the unmarked brown envelopes! However, when you suggest that the
  situation is analogous to self-monitoring of speeding on the highway, and
  muse about just how difficult it is to stop and report oneself for minor
  violations, the indignation turns to grins.....
  Delores Broten, 
  Reach for Unbleached! Foundation,
  Box 39, Whaletown BC Canada V0P 1Z0
  Ph/fax: (250) 935-6992