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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  Letters-to-the-Editor could be very effective, 
  especially if they carry a lot of proven LOCAL 
  data from agency monitoring reports, actual 
  permits,  and the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory.   
  Short and unemotional letters work best --- "Just the Facts."   
  Funny or ironic analogies also work.   We try to avoid 
  personal or nasty digs.  
  It's also important to acknowledge worker safety and 
  health issues, and to let workers know we're not trying to 
  destroy the economy or throw them out of work.
  Tens of thousands of people can be reached all at 
  once.   I think it's one of the most effective 
  (and cheap) education tools available.
  We have a statewide list of papers we send 
  occasional letters to --- and a significant 
  percentage DO print the letters if the topic has 
  statewide interest.
  We would be happy to participate in a national 
  monthly letter effort.
  Becky Katers
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