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Re: let's build a unified movement, not fight each other

  Regarding those who choose to stay in jobs with regulatory agencies and
  "doggedly try to make a difference" I recommend reading some of Bill
  Sanjour's (EPA official formerly of the EPA Headquarters Ombudsman's
  office and former whistleblower on the EPA) works such as "Why the
  EPA is the Way it is."  I think we can conclude that agency regulators who
  are bought off on their jobs and are being "denigrated" on this list
  are not as small in number as Sam McClintock might think--the problem is
  institutionalized within the agencies.
  I personally applaud the efforts recently being made on this list toward a
  unified movement.  Fighting a grassroots battle in Bloomington, Indiana,
  we get a lot of technical information off this list that is helpful but we
  could gain a lot by networking through the list with other groups in the
  same kind of local struggles.  Particularly, information on what other
  groups are doing that has been effective at getting regulators' attention.